Mealtimes are an important social occasion where we encourage children to be independent, polite, share and talk to their friends. We have a large dining area to enable all of our children to sit together for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. 

Our delicious and healthy food is sourced from local suppliers and prepared onsite. We have a three week rotational menu to ensure that our children are provided with a rich and varied diet.  

Breakfast is at the very start of our day and we offer a wide selection of cereals, toast, fresh fruit, yoghurt, croissants and eggs so that children can choose what they fancy each day. 

Lunch is a hot meal followed by a Pudding. Fresh fruit and vegetables are always available, as well as filtered water. 

Afternoon Tea is served late afternoon and children will join together in the Dining Room to socialise with their friends. 

All of our children have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack, which is usually a drink of milk/water, some fruit or vegetable snacks and a piece of toast, muffin, cracker or breadstick. 

We can cater our menu to suit all dietary requirements. 


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