House System

The shield which is mounted on the wall in the famous Embassy room is presented each Speech Day to the winning house from Gwent, Wye, Dean and Severn. The winner is determined by the number of house points collected during the year for success in competitions or for individual efforts by the children.

The houses take their names from the local area; the school looks over the beautiful River Wye which leads into the River Severn, while we are situated between the Forrest of Dean and the county of Gwent. Each house has its own colours which the children wear on their blazers with pride.

The competitions that take place throughout the year, allows the children from all different year groups to come together and work as a team. Academic challenges include tokens received for attainment awards, maths challenges which take place every week or E praise points gained for following the St John’s way. Other competitions such as Sports day, Tug of war, Strickland relay, Pancakes races, swimming galas, art competitions and much more all take place throughout the year when all of the children compete with passion and pride for their house.

The shield is a legacy of the Brightland’s School which merged with St John’s on-the-Hill in the mid 1990s to form The St John’s on-the-Hill and Brightland’s Trust. The shield was first mentioned in an extract taken from The Chronicle, 1922, which was the Brightland’s School annual journal. The extract describes the desire for a shield to give to the winner of the annual competition between the two houses: the Crows and the Cranes. It seems St John’s held a shooting event where the bullet holes are still evident in the cellar underneath the Coach House.



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