Pastoral Care

At St John’s Pre-Preparatory school we pride ourselves in our excellent pastoral care, which ensures that each new child quickly feels part of the school and all members of the school feel valued as individuals.

Our pastoral care is centred around your child’s teacher who will look after the all-round academic, social and pastoral well-being of your child. With a high teacher-to-pupil ratio, our dedicated and caring staff are able to ensure that the classroom provides a happy, safe and exciting learning environment whilst ensuring that your child’s individual needs are met.

The class teacher is the first point of contact for parents and guardians and our ‘Open Door’ policy means that parents are able to discuss any aspect of care or day-to-day issues with the class teacher as necessary at all convenient times, ensuring that we are aware of any needs or concerns, no matter how small.

Pastoral care is not limited to class teachers, as all teachers know the pupils in the school and take a pastoral interest in their happiness and progress. We believe each child is a valued and unique member of the community and that we are partners in your child’s care and development.


Within the Pre-Prep School we have a qualified paediatric First Aider and a Matron on call for anything more serious than every day bumps and bruises.

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