Music is part of everyday life at St. John’s. Whether singing in a choir or playing in the orchestra we strongly believe that everyone has something to offer and can find something they enjoy.

The curriculum for class music is a progressive one that develops the musical understanding of all. Enjoyment and practical skills are core elements, integrated with musical theory and notation from Year 3. Strong emphasis is placed on singing across all year groups. In the nursery and pre-prep, specialist teachers deliver a weekly 30 minute session.



St. John’s boasts a strong choral tradition with 4 large choirs spanning the age range. Pupils in Years 2 and 3 can opt to sing with the Little Voices choir, establishing the foundations of choral singing. The junior choir is open to pupils in Year 4 and 5 and performance opportunities range from formal church services to local coffee shops.

Our largest group, the senior choir, leads all church services. They recently recorded a CD, which is available from school reception. The chamber choir are a selective choir of 20 who sing more challenging repertoire and perform both on and off school grounds.

Instrumental Groups

The school orchestra is open to all pupils of Grade 1 level and above. They rehearse weekly and perform at school events and functions. Many other ad hoc ensembles are founded as opportunities arise. Currently there is a ukulele group, Year 2 strings club, Year 4 recorder club and a higher level recorder consort.


Over 70% of pupils take up the opportunity to learn an instrument with one of our 7 visiting staff. Tuition is available on all orchestral instruments, piano, drum-kit, guitar and saxophone. Singing lessons are also available.

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