On Tuesday 28th of January, Dean House put on a charity day to raise money to support the wildlife affected by the fires in Australia. Pupils dressed up in green and yellow or as their favourite animal. They enjoyed a fruit and cake sale at break time as well as a selection of fun games, such as ‘pin the koala on Australia’ and ‘guess the number of sweets in the jar’. Pupils have also been voting for the members of staff they want to wear an Emu costume for a whole day.

At lunchtime several members of staff, including Mrs Ruth Frett (Head) and Mr Jason Dobbie (Deputy Head), took part in a ‘What’s in the box’ challenge. They had to reach into a box to work out what was there. Items included cold noodles, custard, slime and dog food!

Money is still coming in, but so far there staff and pupils of St John’s on-the-Hill have raised £565 towards this worthy cause.