The school offers scholarships for pupils joining in Year 7. These are Academic, Art, Design Technology, Music, Drama and Sport.

For those applicants who show considerable academic promise, but not of the standard required for Scholarship, an Academic Exhibition may be offered. Awards made at 11+ can either be taken through until the end of Year 8 at St John’s or – if the pupil chooses to go on to Dean Close Senior School – then the award will carry on through to the end of Year 11, or until such a time as the pupil leaves Dean Close.

Awards are subject to good behaviour, academic endeavour and commitment to the whole life of the School. They are rarely revoked or reduced; however, they are reviewed annually.

The number of individual awards made each year depends solely on the calibre of the candidates.

These Scholarship tests will take place in the Lent Term.

For further information about Scolarships please contact Margaret Campbell on 01291 635 382 or 07469140449. Email