The school runs a small fleet of minibuses daily (Monday to Friday) to and from St John’s. The exact routes are dependent upon demand and vary from time to time. To keep the timings reasonable, it may be necessary for pupils living in outlying areas to be taken to, and collected from, an agreed rendezvous point. To find out further details and to book places on the buses, please contact the School Reception.

Minibus drivers are all equipped with mobile phones and their contact numbers are provided on request. Please be patient when trying to contact a driver as they may be on the road and not able to take your call until it is safe for them to pull off the road and bring the vehicle to a halt.

Children travelling on buses are made aware of the code of conduct expected of them, and that failure to comply with the driver’s instructions may endanger the lives of both themselves and others. Drivers are obliged to report instances of bad behaviour and any failure to comply with instructions on their buses. The school will take firm action if pupils persistently disregard the code of conduct. Food and drink is not allowed to be consumed on the minibuses.